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The Name

Have you ever flown over the desolate, watery continent of Greenland on an international journey? It's a remarkable experience that always gives me the feeling that I am really getting somewhere. Much like the experience of producing and completing a film.

What We Do

Overgreenland produces high quality documentary videos. Emotional and touching stories woven from honest encounters of every day life. Our thoughtful and rich pieces will resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impression.

  • Austyn Steelman | Producer | Director | Editor

    The very first time I put video and music together I was hooked. Since that moment every time I am in the edit suite I find new inspiration. I am fast, technically savvy and craft a compelling story. As a producer/director I draw on my years of editing experience which gives me a unique perspective on set. My productions run fluidly, leaving space for fun and creativity.

    When artistic forces and technical mastery align, great messages emerge.


  • Jon Paul Anderson | Director of Photography

    With his keen eye for artistic photography as well as his in-depth knowledge about camera and lighting gear Jon has become one of my most trusted DP's. Jon is always able to get just the right shots to tell a story in the most visually pleasing way. Since our first collaboration on the award winning video "The Avant Cellist" in 2011 our videos have delighted clients and viewers alike.

  • Ghost Hand Productions

    Ghost Hand Production's crews, based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, are an extremely knowledgeable and experienced production group as well as seasoned world travelers. Their work has aired on almost every major network, and has been seen in documentaries and full length motion pictures. They take pride in their professionalism, expert storytelling and going the extra mile to get all of your needed shots.